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Jan 27, 2020

Jordan, Meadows Press Oversight Democrats to Examine Serious Misconduct in DC Government

Jan 16, 2020

Letter to the Honorable James E. Boasberg regarding appointment of David Kris

Jan 9, 2020

Letter to Chairwoman Maloney requesting she join the criminal referral for Michael Cohen to the Department of Justice for making false statements before the Committee

Dec 18, 2019

Letter to Chairwoman Maloney asking her to reconsider the date for the minority day hearing

Dec 3, 2019

Letter to Chairwoman Maloney requesting hearing with Department of Justice Inspector (OIG) General Michael Horowitz following conclusion of OIG’s examination of compliance with FISA

Nov 25, 2019

Letter to Chairwoman Maloney: Abandon partisan impeachment inquiry and focus on bipartisan Committee priorities

Oct 11, 2019

Letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings regarding his decision to subpoena ICE and USCIS without consulting Republicans

Oct 3, 2019

Letter to Chairman Cummings requesting business meeting to consider subpoena to White House in impeachment inquiry

Oct 1, 2019

Letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings requesting he conduct responsible oversight regarding ethics allegations against US Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao

Sep 26, 2019

Letter to U.S. Department of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) The Honorable J. Russell George to supplement Rep. Connolly and Cartwright’s letter on the TIGTA report that the Obama Admin’s IRS targeted nonprofit conservative groups