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Oct 28, 2009

Executive Compensation: How Much is Too Much?

  • Full Oversight Committee
Oct 27, 2009

IT Procurement and Disposal: Application of the Federal Government’s Green Policies in the Life Cycle Management of its IT Assets

  • Subcommittee on Government Organization
Oct 21, 2009

The 2010 Census Master Address File: Issues and Concerns

  • Subcommittee on Technology
Oct 20, 2009

National Archives: Advisory Committees and Their Effectiveness

  • Subcommittee on Technology
Oct 14, 2009

AIG Bonuses: Audit Report of the Special Inspector General

  • Full Oversight Committee
Oct 7, 2009

Medicaid’s Efforts to Reform since the Preventable Death of Deamonte Driver: a Progress Report

  • Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs
Oct 1, 2009

Transnational Drug Enterprises: Threats to Global Stability and U.S. National Security from Southwest Asia, Latin America, and West Africa

  • Subcommittee on National Security