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Feb 25, 2010

Treasury Department’s Mortgage Modification Programs: A Failure Prolonging the Economic Crisis

In its current form, HAMP both hurts homeowners who might otherwise spend their trial-period mortgage payments on rent and also distorts the housing market, delaying any recovery. Treasury owes American taxpayers and homeowners an honest explanation of HAMP's ill-advised creation and ongoing mismanagement.

Feb 19, 2010

Midway through the 111th Congress, Creating Accountability and Transparency under One-Party Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) today released a report,"Midway through the 111th Congress: Creating Accountability and Transparency under One-Party Rule." From the report: "As the Minority Members of U.S. House of Representatives chief watchdog committee, with jurisdiction to investigate all federal ...

Feb 18, 2010

Follow the Money: ACORN, SEIU and their Political Allies

This report adds new evidence confirming these previous findings of ACORN's misconduct in addition to a closer examination of ACORN's financial transactions and fundraising that define the organization as a political machine.

Feb 2, 2010

The Failure to Address the Costs of Defensive Medicine in Health Care Legislation

The benefits of tort reform are clear and offer the opportunity to help Americans who cannot afford health insurance obtain it, for those who have health insurance to pay lower premiums, and for all Americans to be treated by health professionals who are focused on patients instead of potential lawsuits.