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Apr 28, 2015

Federal Rules Support Incompetence

Just what does a federal employee have to do to get fired? At the Environmental Protection Agency, a federal employee who does no work is paid a full salary plus a performance award. This despite having no building pass, no computer connected to the EPA network and no evidence of having completed any work in at least five years. In addition to being paid roughly $600,000 by the American taxpayers during this time period, this employee was allowed to retire with a full pension. In Phoenix, 40 ...

Apr 27, 2015

We need to address ‘deep, systemic problems’ to improve federal workforce morale

The U.S. federal workforce is the greatest public workforce in the world. Oftentimes, federal workers are unfairly viewed as just another cog in the wheel, when in reality our workforce is comprised of thousands of individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of their fellow Americans. From the history buff at the National Archives and Records Administration seeking to preserve historic documents for generations to come to the security expert at the Department of Homeland Security ...

Apr 15, 2015

If you work for our government, you must pay your taxes: Tax cheats shouldn’t be working for We the People

Whether we like it or not, the law requires that we pay taxes. Unfortunately, a significant number of federal workers have failed to do so and are responsible for $1 billion in unpaid taxes. Those charged with the stewardship of our federal resources and programs should not be among the most delinquent taxpayers. Civil service and contract positions in the federal government are highly sought after. There is a reason federal government jobs turn over at half the rate of private sector ...