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The Hill | Sep 24, 2015

Analyst alleging cooked ISIS intel identified

Cooked intel is being investigated by the Pentagon's inspector general, as well as the Senate Intelligence and Senate Armed Services Committees. The House Oversight and Government Reform and Intelligence Committees are also looking into the matter.

The Washington Post | Sep 23, 2015

OPM says 5.6 million fingerprints stolen in cyberattack, five times as many as previously thought

One of the scariest parts of the massive cybersecurity breaches at the Office of Personnel Management just got worse: The agency now says 5.6 million people's fingerprints were stolen as part of the hacks.

Fox News | Sep 23, 2015

Chairman Chaffetz Discusses Syrian Refugees with Greta van Susteren

Chairman Chaffetz discusses difficulty of the US taking in Syrian refugees.

USA Today | Sep 23, 2015

Five times more fingerprints were stolen in OPM hack than first estimated

The number of people whose fingerprints were stolen in the massive hack of the federal Office of Personnel Management was 5.6 million — five times more than originally believed, the agency announced Wednesday.

The Hill | Sep 21, 2015

Planned Parenthood president expected to testify before House

Planned Parenthood says its president, Cecile Richards, expects to be invited to testify at a House hearing next week, and that she will agree to appear.

The Washington Post | Sep 21, 2015

Congress could hear from Planned Parenthood on eve of shutdown deadline

Congress could finally hear directly from Planned Parenthood's leader next week after months of controversy — on the day before it confronts a potential government shutdown spurred by conservatives demanding an end to the group's federal funding.

Fox News | Sep 18, 2015

EPA Administrator Grilled on Lack of Response to Animas River Spill

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy grilled in House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

CNN | Sep 17, 2015

Federal Air Marshals allegedly solicited prostitutes

At least two Federal Air Marshals are at the center of a prostitution investigation by the Transportation Security Administration.

Fox News | Sep 17, 2015

Air Marshal chief confirms probe into allegations agents hired prostitute

The head of the Federal Air Marshal Service acknowledged at a hearing Thursday that several agency officials are under investigation over allegations they hired a prostitute overseas and recorded at least one sexual encounter with a government-issued device.

Associated Press | Sep 17, 2015

New Mexico official says EPA refused to share water data after toxic mine spill fouled rivers

Federal officials refused to share water-quality data for weeks following a blowout of toxic wastewater from a Colorado mine that fouled rivers across the Southwest, New Mexico's top environmental regulator said Thursday.