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CNN | Sep 17, 2015

Federal Air Marshals allegedly solicited prostitutes

At least two Federal Air Marshals are at the center of a prostitution investigation by the Transportation Security Administration.

Associated Press | Sep 16, 2015

At least 2 US air marshals implicated in prostitution probe

Two federal air marshals have been suspended amid allegations they hired prostitutes overseas and recorded a sexual encounter with a government-issued device.

Associated Press | Sep 15, 2015

House committee chairman subpoenas anti-abortion group’s unedited Planned Parenthood videos

A House committee chairman issued a subpoena Tuesday for an anti-abortion group's unedited videos about Planned Parenthood's provision of fetal tissue for research.

The Washington Post | Sep 14, 2015

OPM response to cyberbreach challenged again

Months into a government effort to better protect personal information it holds on tens of millions of Americans following two major hacks, auditors remain concerned that planning and funding shortcomings continue to leave the project at “high risk” of failure.

The Washington Post | Sep 10, 2015

As Army families wait and wait, GSA fumbles child-care assistance, inspector says

Army families trying to enroll in a child-care program administered by a government agency had their calls go unanswered and voice messages deleted, according to a report by the General Services Administration’s inspector general.

Associated Press | Sep 3, 2015

GOP-Ers Say Politics Could Interfere With Probe of EPA Spill

Some members of Congress say they're concerned that politics will influence the U.S. Interior Department's investigation of a toxic mine spill caused by another federal agency.