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Associated Press | Oct 23, 2015

Federal watchdog confirms Secret Service head’s changing story of congressman’s personnel file

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy told federal watchdog investigators that he heard a rumor on April 1 about a congressman's failed attempt years earlier to work at the agency.

Politico | Oct 23, 2015

Congressional GOP: Decision not to prosecute Lerner won’t deter probes

Republicans said Friday they had no intention of abandoning their scrutiny of the IRS' treatment of political nonprofits despite the Justice Department's decision not to prosecute former agency official Lois Lerner or other IRS officials over the controversy.

Wall Street Journal | Oct 22, 2015

DEA Agents in Prostitution Probe Got Bonuses

Half the federal agents who were investigated for allegedly attending sex parties with prostitutes in Colombia received financial bonuses during the investigation or afterward, according to a new internal review of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s handling of the scandal.

The Washington Post | Oct 22, 2015

Drug agents in prostitution scandal got hefty bonuses afterwards, watchdog says

Federal drug enforcement agents got bonuses worth thousands of dollars while they were investigated and disciplined for allegedly attending sex parties with prostitutes in Colombia, according to a new probe into the scandal.

Associated Press | Oct 21, 2015

Secret Service allowed to use warrantless cellphone tracking

A new policy allows the Secret Service to use intrusive cellphone-tracking technology without a warrant if there's believed to be a nonspecific threat to the president or another protected person.

USA Today | Oct 21, 2015

Federal agents will no longer use ‘Stingray’ cellphone trackers without warrants

Immigration, Secret Service, and Homeland Security investigators must now obtain search warrants before using "Stingray" trackers that reveal the locations of scores of cellphone users, a Department of Homeland Security official told a House panel Wednesday.

Roll Call | Oct 21, 2015

GPO Goes Under Congressional Microscope

The Government Publishing Office faced congressional scrutiny Wednesday for its process for producing secure credentials for government agencies, and lawmakers appeared open to re-examining the agency’s statute.

Government Executive | Oct 20, 2015

OPM Asked to End Forced Leave for Chemical Safety Board Officials

A private employee rights counsel on Tuesday asked the Office of Personnel Management to intervene and end the four-month-old administrative leave of the managing director of the Chemical Safety Board, calling his twice-extended leave “an abuse of the civil service merit system.”

FCW | Oct 19, 2015

Exclusive: Official documents, interviews reveal scope of OPM’s financial woes

The agency has IT upgrades planned that will cost at least $117 million. Where that money will come from is an open question.

Associated Press | Oct 14, 2015

Chaffetz sets up screening of Planned Parenthood videos for Dems, Republicans

Anti-abortion activists gave Congress lengthy, unedited videos they recorded showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing retrieving fetal tissue, a Republican House committee chairman said Wednesday.