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New York Times | Oct 13, 2015

Planned Parenthood Won’t Accept Money for Fetal Tissue

Trying to quell the controversy over its use of fetal tissue, Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it would no longer accept reimbursement for the costs of providing the tissue for medical research.

The Hill | Oct 13, 2015

House GOP: Planned Parenthood probes ‘must continue’

House Republicans are not letting up in their investigations of Planned Parenthood, after the group announced Tuesday it is ending its controversial practice of accepting compensation for fetal tissue donations.

Federal News Radio | Oct 9, 2015

Lawmakers: OPM shouldn’t be repository of feds’ personal information

Two members of the House Oversight and Government Reform National Security Subcommittee are calling on the Obama administration to find a new place to store the sensitive, personal information it collects from federal employees.

Government Executive | Oct 9, 2015

House Panel Passes Hiring Reform, Harassment Protections for Federal Interns

A House committee on Friday passed a series of bills that included a federal hiring reform measure and new protections from fraud and abuse.

The Washington Post | Oct 8, 2015

A fight over private schools, federal dollars and home rule

A majority of the D.C. Council urged Congress on Thursday to end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, the only federally funded private school voucher program.

The Washington Post | Oct 7, 2015

The Insiders: More shoes will drop in the Chaffetz-Secret Service scandal

The revelation that Secret Service personnel accessed a confidential internal file regarding sitting House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and spread its contents around for the purpose of vindictively discrediting him is stunning.

The Washington Post | Oct 6, 2015

Oversight Democrats seek answers from maker of anti-Planned Parenthood videos

Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are demanding answers from the maker of a series of anti-Planned Parenthood videos, whom they accuse of potentially breaking laws to target the women’s health organization.

The Washington Post | Oct 5, 2015

Three of Obama’s ambassadorial nominees put on hold after Secret Service leak

The inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security said on Monday that he had reopened an investigation into whether the Secret Service played a role in

The Washington Post | Oct 5, 2015

Secret Service director revises account of his role in leak case

The director of the Secret Service has contradicted statements he made to a top government investigator examining his agency’s disclosure of unflattering information about a congressman, saying he now recalls more about the matter, according to two government officials briefed on the probe.

The Washington Post | Oct 1, 2015

Months after government hack, 21.5 million people are finally being told, and given help

Following a long summer of uncertainty over the theft of their personnel information, 21.5 million federal employees, applicants, contractors and their families are being officially notified of the pillage and of the services the government is making available to them.