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The Washington Post | Nov 30, 2015

What’s that, a groundhog? No, it’s a federal worker, ‘burrowing in.”

It’s known as “burrowing in” — no, not what gophers and groundhogs do, but the quadrennial tradition practiced by that unique Washington animal: the federal worker.

FCW | Nov 30, 2015

Are political appointees ‘burrowing’ into the bureaucracy?

Republican members of Congress have asked the Government Accountability Office to ensure that political appointees who move into career positions in the federal government do so based on merit.

The New York Times | Nov 27, 2015

Tighter Lid on Records Threatens to Weaken Government Watchdogs

Justice Department watchdogs ran into an unexpected roadblock last year when they began examining the role of federal drug agents in the fatal shootings of unarmed civilians during raids in Honduras.

The Washington Times | Nov 25, 2015

Impeach IRS chief John Koskinen

After revelations that the Internal Revenue Service was restricting political speech and targeting conservative and tea party groups, John Koskinen was appointed to head the agency, promising reform and transparency.

The Washington Post | Nov 22, 2015

Even small awards to wayward feds make Uncle Sam look bad

Bonuses awarded to federal employees who’ve had disciplinary issues present an image problem for Uncle Sam and fuel a narrative that undermines the workforce.

USA Today | Nov 21, 2015

Insurers: Obamacare changes needed soon to protect us from losses

Federal regulators on Friday proposed potential solutions to some of the Obamacare problems that led UnitedHealth Group to warn it may exit the health exchanges in 2017, but the government also may make it tougher for insurers to limit the number of doctors and hospitals in their plan networks.

The Washington Post | Nov 19, 2015

Congress blasts U.S. Education Department for vulnerabilities in data bases

The U.S. Education Department came under withering criticism — from Republicans and Democrats — at a House oversight hearing about just how vulnerable its information systems are to security threats.

The Washington Post | Nov 19, 2015

Secret Service in hot seat, but other agencies could feel the heat

The Secret Service director was in the congressional hot seat, but it is all of government and its workforce that could feel the heat.

USA Today | Nov 18, 2015

House panel examines safety risks and benefits of the ‘Internet of Cars’

Technology that connects cars to the Internet has the potential to prevent crashes and save thousands of lives, but it also could allow hackers to grab control of vehicles and use them as weapons, experts told a House panel Wednesday.

The Washington Post | Nov 18, 2015

Financial arm of the Department of Education falling down on the job, watchdog says

Government watchdogs skewered the financial arm of the Department of Education on Wednesday for sloppy communication with contractors, colleges and borrowers, raising concerns about the division’s ability to manage more than $1 trillion in federal student loans and grants.