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Associated Press | Nov 17, 2015

Contrite Secret Service director apologizes to lawmakers

The Secret Service director, appearing deeply embarrassed, apologized again Tuesday for actions of agents working under him and told Congress that dozens were being disciplined for their efforts to discredit a congressman investigating misconduct inside the agency.

The Washington Post | Nov 17, 2015

House Oversight chairman questions Secret Service’s hunt for whistleblowers

Lawmakers on Tuesday raised concerns about why the Secret Service appears to be trying to identify whistleblowers inside the agency at the same time its director has vowed to fix serious problems that  whistleblowers first brought to light.

The Washington Post | Nov 16, 2015

House committee to hold hearing on prescription drug pricing

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee on Monday said it will hold a hearing early next year on prescription drug pricing, following pressure from panel Democrats to further investigate the industry.

The Hill | Nov 16, 2015

Republicans to grill Lynch on Paris, IRS

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is set to face tough questions from lawmakers Tuesday about the Justice Department’s role on issues ranging from the IRS to the response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Wall Street Journal | Nov 15, 2015

Lawmakers, Candidates Target High Drug Prices

Lawmakers and the Obama administration are ratcheting up efforts to target pharmaceutical companies over high-priced drugs, a sign that legislators are trying to bridge partisan differences to tackle a key driver of rising health care costs.

CNN | Nov 10, 2015

Obama nominates new OPM director after hack

President Barack Obama has tapped a new leader for the Office of Personnel Management, the federal agency beset by questions over its handling of a massive hack on personal information earlier this year.

ABC News | Nov 9, 2015

Possible ISIS Inside Job Prompts Concern at US Airports

As Egyptian authorities investigate whether an airport insider may have planted a bomb on the doomed Russian airliner, U.S. lawmakers and aviation officials a raising questions about security at American airports, where they say dozens of current airport employees are under scrutiny because of possible ties to or sympathies with extremist groups.

The Hill | Nov 5, 2015

Homeland Security panel OKs bills to help states, ports fight hackers

The House Homeland Security Committee this week approved two cybersecurity bills aimed at helping states and ports fight off hackers.

Washington Times | Nov 5, 2015

EPA email trail reveals Alaska Pebble Mine plot

It didn’t take long for Thursday’s House committee hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s role in blocking the Pebble Mine to start sounding less like a congressional probe and more like the plot of a Michael Crichton thriller.  

The Hill | Nov 4, 2015

Oversight panel gives feds failing grades on cybersecurity reforms

Federal government agencies are failing to properly manage and secure their IT systems and acquisitions, according to a new scorecard released Wednesday by the House Oversight Committee.