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The Hill | Nov 4, 2015

Oversight panel gives feds failing grades on cybersecurity reforms

Federal government agencies are failing to properly manage and secure their IT systems and acquisitions, according to a new scorecard released Wednesday by the House Oversight Committee.

The Hill | Nov 4, 2015

Army weighs fate of program after blimp breaks loose

The fate of an experimental Army blimp surveillance program will be decided after an investigation into why one of its blimps broke loose last week, dragging a cable that left a path of damage as it descended.

USA Today | Nov 3, 2015

Bill: Give Cops Up to 10 Years in Prison for Warrantless Phone Tracking

Police officers and federal agents who track Americans' cellphones without a judge’s permission could face up to 10 years in prison if new bipartisan legislation becomes law.

Fox News | Nov 3, 2015

Security layers at US airports ‘simply missing,’ probe finds

A federal watchdog told Congress on Tuesday that a recent covert audit of U.S. airports found layers of security were “simply missing,” in the latest undercover investigation to expose gaps in Transportation Security Administration procedures.

The Hill | Nov 2, 2015

GOP chairman joins with Dems on bill to limit cellphone spying

The Republican head of the House Oversight Committee is teaming up with a pair of Democrats to try to enact new limits on the government’s use of controversial cellphone-tracking technology.

ABC News | Nov 2, 2015

‘World’s Most Expensive Gas Station’ Cost Taxpayers $43M

American taxpayers are on the hook for a $43 million gas station constructed in Afghanistan -- a price tag that’s about $42.5 million higher than it should’ve been, and the Department of Defense can’t explain why, according to a new government report.

Fox News | Nov 1, 2015

Blimp fiasco renews criticism of costly military surveillance program

A multi-billion dollar military trial balloon came down with a thud, literally, this week, leaving behind a path of wreckage and, perhaps, any hope of getting the 17-year-old air surveillance program off the ground.