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CNN | Dec 10, 2015

OPM hit for mishandling data breach cleanup

The federal agency that had more than 21 million Americans' personal information stolen in a massive hack is once again in congressional cross-hairs -- this time for improperly doling out taxpayer dollars to protect those Americans after the data breach.

Associated Press | Dec 8, 2015

Republicans criticize construction of new embassy in London

Obama administration officials on Tuesday defended the innovative design of a $1 billion U.S. Embassy being built in London, saying it meets high security standards in a time of evolving terrorist threats against Americans abroad.

The Washington Post | Dec 8, 2015

Why is Secret Service morale so low?

One of the most important secrets the Secret Service must uncover is how to improve the morale of its employees.

Oakland Tribune | Dec 7, 2015

Oakland Tribune editorial: Secret Service is in dire need of effective reform

Given the current state of political division in our nation's capital, any matter must be painfully obvious for Republicans and Democrats to agree on it.

The Washington Post | Dec 4, 2015

Who had the worst week in Washington? The Secret Service.

For the Secret Service, 2015 can’t end soon enough. Between high-profile security breaches and widespread concerns over how the agency tasked with protecting the president does its job, the year brought an unrelenting series of body blows.

The Hill | Dec 3, 2015

Obama confident in Secret Service chief despite damaging report

President Obama “absolutely” retains confidence in Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy despite a new report claiming the agency faces a crisis over security lapses and staffing shortages, the White House said Thursday.

The New York Times | Dec 3, 2015

Staffing Crisis Threatens Secret Service Mission, House Report Says

The Secret Service is plagued by persistent security breaches and a staffing crisis “that poses perhaps the greatest threat” to the agency’s mission, according to a highly critical report released on Thursday by a House committee.

Roll Call | Dec 1, 2015

Secret Service Pressed on Latest White House Fence Jumper

Members of Congress are demanding to know more about how a man was able to jump the White House fence on Thanksgiving. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., plans to meet with Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy on Wednesday to find out why temporary improvements to the fence, including spikes on the top, did not prevent Joseph Caputo from scaling it on Nov. 26.

Associated Press | Dec 1, 2015

IRS: Won’t Use Phone-Tracking Technology Without Warrant

Internal Revenue Service criminal investigators will not continue to use cellphone-tracking technology without first seeking a warrant, the IRS commissioner told Congress in a letter made public Tuesday.