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The Washington Post | Feb 22, 2016

Official overseeing breached OPM computer systems retires just ahead of House hearing

A key official overseeing the government computer systems whose breaching resulted in the theft of the personal information of more than 22 million people announced her retirement effective immediately on Monday, two days before she was scheduled to appear at a House hearing.

FCW | Feb 22, 2016

Education CIO retires weeks after Capitol Hill confrontation

A few weeks after a tense and confrontational Capitol Hill interrogation and ensuing hospitalization, long-serving Education Department CIO Danny Harris has decided to retire.

The Washington Post | Feb 18, 2016

Are actions of a dozen officials in various agencies void because court says they are ineligible for office?

For an agency still reeling from a massive cybertheft affecting a population almost the size of Australia’s, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) does not need a legal opinion that says its chief is illegitimate.

Federal News Radio | Feb 16, 2016

Chaffetz, Meadows push for official time investigation

Support for a governmentwide investigation of federal employees’ use of official time is gaining momentum in Congress.

USA Today | Feb 12, 2016

IRS outage caused by back-to-back failures, not cyberattack

The computer outage that halted IRS tax return processing for more than a day resulted from not just one hardware failures but two, the tax agency says.

Associated Press | Feb 12, 2016

House Panel Calls Governor, EPA Chief to Testify on Flint

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday he has agreed to testify to Congress about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, bowing to demands by Democrats that the Republican governor explain his role in a cost-cutting move that resulted in a public health emergency caused by lead-contaminated water.

The Hill | Feb 10, 2016

Identity thieves breach IRS with stolen Social Security numbers

Identity thieves used an automated bot in an attempt to generate phony login information to breach the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the agency said Tuesday.

CNN | Feb 9, 2016

Flint mayor says $55 million needed to replace lead pipes

The mayor of Flint, Michigan, said Tuesday she needs $55 million to remove lead pipes in the city beleaguered by a toxic water crisis.

FCW | Feb 5, 2016

Agencies, what’s up with your FOIAs?

Mandated to review the handling of Freedom of Information Act requests at 99 agencies but unable to speedily get to all of them, the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of Government Information Services is asking agencies to assess themselves.

FCW | Feb 5, 2016

Tax systems back up, failure still under investigation

The IRS announced on Feb. 4 that its systems were back online after the electronic filing and "Where's My Refund?" tools went down on the afternoon of Feb. 3.