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Bloomberg | Feb 5, 2016


The FDA isn't working fast enough to approve generic drug applications, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said at a Feb. 4 hearing on drug prices.

Detroit News | Feb 4, 2016

Our Editorial: Congress right to press EPA on Flint

Congress served precisely the role it should have in the U.S. House Oversight hearing Wednesday on the Flint water crisis. Members of Congress rightly pressed hard on the role the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should have played, but didn’t, in protecting Flint residents.

The Wall Street Journal | Feb 4, 2016

Martin Shkreli Pleads the Fifth Before Congress

WASHINGTON—Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, who prompted a public outcry last year for raising the price of a lifesaving medication, asserted his Fifth Amendment right not to testify Thursday before a House committee—a stance that visibly angered lawmakers exploring escalating drug costs.

The Wall Street Journal | Feb 3, 2016

Valeant’s Interim CEO to Seek Change to Rules for Prescription Assistance

Rules currently make it illegal for drug companies to help Medicare patients pay out-of-pocket costs

USA Today | Feb 2, 2016

Education Official apologizes for Ethics Violations

“I view my behavior as unacceptable,” he told a Congressional committee Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal | Feb 1, 2016

Washington’s Next Hacking Target?

If you think the Department of Education is making a mess of the student-loan program, you should see how it manages technology.

Associated Press | Feb 1, 2016

US Education Official Apologizes for Poor Judgment, Behavior

A senior Education Department official apologized ahead of a congressional oversight hearing for what he acknowledged was poor judgment and "unacceptable" behavior related to working on his side businesses with subordinates, failing to pay taxes on his profits and awarding a government contract to a friend's company.