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Vice News | Mar 9, 2016

It Took a FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How the Obama Administration Killed FOIA Reform

The Obama administration has long called itself the most transparent administration in history. But newly released Department of Justice (DOJ) documents show that the White House has actually worked aggressively behind the scenes to scuttle congressional reforms designed to give the public better access to information possessed by the federal government.

The Washington Post | Mar 8, 2016

No quick fix for shortage of Customs officers

There will be no quick fix for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) staffing shortage that has led to long hours of overtime for its officers and long lines for travelers. 

The Wall Street Journal | Mar 7, 2016

IRS Identity-Theft Prevention Tool Targeted by Identity Thieves

WASHINGTON—One of the Internal Revenue Service’s tools for fighting identity theft was itself susceptible to identity thieves.

US News and World Report | Mar 4, 2016

Chaffetz: Be Scared, DOJ ‘Hiding Something’ About Location Tracking

The House oversight chairman agreed to review long-secret legal guidance, but he's reconsidering, fearing he’d become hogtied.

FCW | Mar 2, 2016

Lawmakers seek controls for access to geolocation data

Members on both sides of the aisle on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee believe that the Department of Justice is required to obtain a search warrant to access geolocation data, and that not doing so directly violates Americans' Fourth Amendment rights.

The New York Times | Mar 2, 2016

Debate Over Privacy Finds Little Agreement

If you’re looking for a sign of how widespread the debate between Apple and the F.B.I. about privacy has become, Tuesday delivered.

Nextgov | Mar 1, 2016

House Panel Wants to Give Agency CIOs Authority to Crack Down on Personal Email Use

Lawmakers on Tuesday advanced legislation that would let federal agencies stop employees from accessing personal email and other online programs or using personal devices for security purposes -- without consulting unions.

The Washington Post | Mar 1, 2016

House panel moves to limit ‘administrative leave’ for federal employees

A House committee on Tuesday addressed, on a mostly bipartisan basis, two often-controversial situations in which federal employees who are not performing their official duties are paid as if they were.