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Fox News | Apr 29, 2016

ICE under fire for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants with rap sheets

The Obama administration took fire at a House hearing Thursday for releasing back into society thousands of illegal immigrants who had committed crimes on U.S. soil – including those behind more than 200 murders.

The Washington Post | Apr 29, 2016

GOP House passes D.C. private schools voucher program. Again.

House Republicans passed legislation Friday that would extend to 2021 the D.C. schools voucher program — the only federally funded, private school voucher program for K-12 students.

The Washington Post | Apr 28, 2016

Lawmaker to top DHS official: ‘When is it going to get better?’

With the morale of its employees lingering at the bottom of government rankings year after year, the Department of Homeland Security seems to be Exhibit A for weaknesses in management and leadership.

New York Times | Apr 28, 2016

Minnesota T.S.A. Manager Says He Was Told to Target Somali-Americans

MINNEAPOLIS — A Transportation Security Administration manager here said he was instructed by his supervisor to provide the names of Somali-American leaders visiting the agency’s local office so they could be screened ...

The Daily Signal | Apr 28, 2016

DC Gets Another Chance to Embrace School Choice

The House of Representatives will consider the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Reauthorization Act (SOAR Reauthorization Act) on Friday, which would reauthorize the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP).

The Washington Post | Apr 27, 2016

TSA bosses are called ‘some of the biggest bullies in government’

The Transportation Security Administration on Wednesday was caught in a crossfire by three of its executives who said the agency’s managers punish employees when they point out security lapses at the nation’s airports.

The Washington Post | Apr 26, 2016

House set to limit paid time off for federal employees under investigation

Federal agencies could no longer put employees on indefinite paid leave while investigating them for misconduct or poor performance under a bill set for a House floor vote as soon as Tuesday.

The Hill | Apr 26, 2016

House passes bill limiting paid leave for feds under investigation

The House easily approved legislation on Tuesday to limit the amount of time federal employees under investigation for misconduct can be on paid administrative leave.

Federal News Radio | Apr 22, 2016

From acquisition to workforce, trio of new bills target federal community

Yet another House member has thrown his hat into the legislative arena over the issue of federal administrative leave.

Free Beacon | Apr 20, 2016

Report: Secret Service Losing Agents Faster Than It Can Replace Them

U.S. Secret Service agents are leaving the force faster than the agency is able to replace them, potentially forcing federal officials to pull from outside government organizations to fill the vacancies, two congressmen said Tuesday.