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NPR | Sep 29, 2016

Head Of Yosemite Park Steps Down In Wake Of Hostile Work Environment Claims

One week after a House panel highlighted sexual harassment claims at Yosemite National Park and elsewhere in the National Park Service, the superintendent of Yosemite, Don Neubacher is stepping down, the agency says.

Fox News | Sep 29, 2016

Reps: Clinton aides who got immunity deals directed email scrubbing

The tech specialist who scrubbed Hillary Clinton's email archive and was recently found to have sought help on Reddit for how to hide a certain "VIP's" email address was acting at the behest of Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a top House Republican charged Wednesday.

Wall Street Journal | Sep 29, 2016

Jim Comey’s Blind Eye

Two revealing, if largely unnoticed, moments came in the middle of FBI Director Jim Comey’s Wednesday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. When combined, these moments prove that Mr. Comey gave Hillary Clinton a pass.

FCW | Sep 28, 2016

Could critical infrastructure designation make state election systems less safe?

Declaring election systems to be "critical infrastructure" could make them even more vulnerable to the cyberattacks such a designation seeks to prevent, a top state official told a House oversight panel.

The Hill | Sep 28, 2016

FBI silent on pending Clinton perjury probe

FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday refused to provide the House Judiciary Committee with any clue about whether the bureau will comply with a request to investigate Hillary Clinton for perjury.

Fox News | Sep 28, 2016

House to punt on contempt of Congress measure for Clinton IT aide

The House plans to put off until November any consideration of a contempt of Congress citation for the ex-State Department IT specialist who set up Hillary Clinton’s private server, Fox News has learned.

Politico | Sep 28, 2016

Computer researcher to Congress: ‘It’s possible’ for hackers to alter election

Hackers could influence the outcomes of November’s elections, a computer science professor who has demonstrated security weaknesses in voting machines told lawmakers on Wednesday.

Associated Press | Sep 26, 2016

Feds look into sexual harassment claims at Yellowstone park

Government investigators were expected to visit Yellowstone National Park to look into an employee's claims of sexual exploitation of female workers and financial misconduct, park officials said.

Wall Street Journal | Sep 26, 2016

Mylan’s EpiPen Pretax Profits 60% Higher Than Number Told to Congress

Mylan NV on Monday clarified the profit it said it made from its lifesaving EpiPen drug, days after House members badgered the company’s CEO to justify the device’s steep price increases.

Reuters | Sep 25, 2016

Clinton server tech told FBI of colleagues’ worries about system

A technician hired by Hillary Clinton to run the private email system she used while U.S. secretary of state told investigators he tried to pass on colleagues' concerns that the system might not comply with records laws, FBI interview summaries show.