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The Hill | Sep 23, 2016

Top Clinton aide granted immunity deal in FBI probe

Top Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills received an immunity deal during the FBI’s investigation into the former secretary of State’s private email server, lawmakers familiar with the agreement said Friday.

Federal News Radio | Sep 23, 2016

Federal real estate portfolio needs better organization, less red tape

The federal government reduced its facilities footprint the equivalent of three Pentagon buildings in the past five years, and it’s looking to double that amount of saved space through fiscal 2020.

National Geographic | Sep 23, 2016

National Park Service Faces Sex Harassment Scandal

Sexual harassment and bullying among National Park Service employees at some of the nation's most iconic parks—including Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon—is pervasive and has continued unabated for years, a congressional committee said this week.

Jackson Sun | Sep 23, 2016

Lawmakers bash TVA plan to remove floating homes

Bloomberg | Sep 23, 2016

FBI Releases Interview Reports From Clinton E-Mail Probe

The FBI released 189 pages of interview summaries from its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail system Friday, as Republicans escalated their criticism of the agency for failing to pursue charge against the former secretary of state and her staff.

Washington Post | Sep 22, 2016

House panel approves contempt resolution against Clinton aide

A House committee on Thursday began the process of holding a former Hillary Clinton aide in contempt of Congress for his failure to appear before the panel under subpoena.

ABC News | Sep 22, 2016

House Committee Votes to Hold Clinton IT Staffer in Contempt of Congress

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 19-15 today to hold Hillary Clinton's former IT staffer in contempt of Congress.

Washington Post | Sep 22, 2016

Finally, something that unites Congress: Outrageous corporate behavior

On Tuesday, Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) leaned onto his elbows, peered over his glasses and told John Stumpf he had done the nearly impossible.

USA Today | Sep 22, 2016

5 things we learned from EpiPen price hike hearing

Congress heaped scorn upon the CEO of the drug company that makes the EpiPen treatment during a committee meeting Wednesday.

Washington Post | Sep 22, 2016

New sexual misconduct claims hit Yosemite, Yellowstone in widening Park Service scandal

Complaints of sexual harassment in the National Park Service have spread to Yosemite and Yellowstone, two of the crown jewels in the system, lawmakers disclosed Thursday as they berated a top agency manager for failing to punish wrongdoers.