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Washington Post | Sep 22, 2016

House panel approves contempt resolution against Clinton aide

A House committee on Thursday began the process of holding a former Hillary Clinton aide in contempt of Congress for his failure to appear before the panel under subpoena.

The Hill | Sep 21, 2016

Mylan CEO faces bipartisan outrage over EpiPen pricing

Heather Bresch had no friends on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. Tensions erupted during the contentious two-hour hearing on the pricing of EpiPens as the Mylan CEO was repeatedly interrupted by visibly angry lawmakers. Most accused her of exploiting people with life-threatening allergies in the pursuit of profit, with some pointing out her $18 million salary.

Bloomberg | Sep 21, 2016

Free-Market Republicans Turn on Mylan, Say EpiPen Went Too Far

At a brutal congressional hearing in Washington Wednesday, Mylan NV didn’t have any friends among Republicans who said they wished they could defend the drugmaker.

Business Insider | Sep 21, 2016

‘This is why we don’t believe you’ — Congress rails on the maker of EpiPen

Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan — which makes the EpiPen — is testifying in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the drug's price after an hour-long delay.

Wall Street Journal | Sep 21, 2016

Mylan CEO to Shift Blame on EpiPen Pricing at House Hearing

Mylan NV CEO Heather Bresch plans to defend the rising price of EpiPens when testifying before Congress Wednesday, sticking to the company’s effort to shift blame to health insurers and drug-benefit managers.

Reuters | Sep 21, 2016

Lawmakers grill Mylan CEO over EpiPen steep price increases

U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday blasted steep price increases for Mylan's EpiPen emergency allergy treatment as they grilled the company's Chief Executive Heather Bresch at a congressional hearing. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform called Bresch to testify after the company raised the list price for a pair of EpiPens to $600 compared with $100 in 2007, when it acquired the product.

Washington Technology | Sep 16, 2016

New IT modernization bill combines Obama proposal with cloud adoption bill

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has passed an IT modernization bill that combines the Obama administration’s $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund proposal and a bipartisan cloud adoption bill that originated in the Senate, reports FCW.

Fed Scoop | Sep 16, 2016

Bill would let feds use Uber, Lyft during WMATA SafeTrack maintenance

House lawmakers want to let federal employees commute using ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft as alternatives to metro trains during the pandemonium of the transit system's SafeTrack maintenance surges.

Wall Street Journal | Sep 15, 2016

EpiPen Maker Executive to Testify at House Hearing

Lawmakers have summoned the top executive from EpiPen maker Mylan NV to Washington for a hearing next week to explain substantial price increases for the emergency allergy treatment that have generated widespread consumer outrage.

Bloomberg | Sep 13, 2016

Clinton Aide Spurns Congress’s Subpoena for Server Testimony

An aide who helped Hillary Clinton maintain her private e-mail server didn’t show up for a congressional hearing Tuesday despite a subpoena, while two other witnesses who worked for a company hired by the Clintons invoked their Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions.