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Wall Street Journal | Dec 28, 2016

Obama Designates Two New National Monuments in Utah and Nevada

President Barack Obama designated two new national monuments in Utah and Nevada, a move that critics say appears designed to infuriate rural Westerners opposed to federal control of public lands.

Wall Street Journal | Dec 19, 2016

House Panel Urges New Law for U.S. Cellphone Surveillance

A House committee has recommended Congress pass a new law to create national standards for how police officers and federal agents use powerful cellphone tracking technology in their investigations.

The Hill | Dec 19, 2016

Oversight panel calls for tougher rules on using cellphone tracking Stingrays

A bipartisan House Oversight report is questioning the transparency and constitutionality of law enforcement's use of controversial cellphone trackers and calling for new rules.

The Atlantic | Dec 15, 2016

The National Park Service Has a Big Sexual Harassment Problem

The agency tasked with safeguarding America’s greatest public lands has neglected to protect its female employees.

Fedweek | Dec 13, 2016

Report Summarizes Agency-Imposed Fines and Penalties

Between 2010 and 2015, federal agencies collected more than $83 billion in civil, criminal, and regulatory fines and penalties, some of which they returned to the Treasury’s general fund, some of which they transferred to other agencies with authority over the matter and some of which they kept for themselves, according to a House report.

Federal News Radio | Dec 12, 2016

3 takeaways from the FITARA 3.0 hearing

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held its biannual session Dec. 6, where we heard mostly good news with 12 agencies improving their grades and 11 agencies earning the same grade as last time. But what’s really great about these FITARA hearings is finding out what’s happening in agencies underneath the grades.

The Christian Science Monitor | Dec 11, 2016

National Park Service wrestles with harassment, low morale

Allegations of sexual harassment that surfaced at several national parks in 2016 are, to some insiders, a sign of a work culture long impaired by hierarchy and fiefdoms.

Daily Caller | Dec 9, 2016

Congress To Investigate Alleged $125 Billion Of Waste By Pentagon

Congress has requested information from the Pentagon pertaining to an alleged waste of $125 billion by Department of Defense (DOD) bureaucracy.

Washington Post | Dec 9, 2016

Sidelined federal workers used to get paid indefinitely. Congress just capped it at 10 days.

Congress gave final agreement Thursday to curbing a practice used by agencies across government to deal with employees accused of misbehavior: Paid time off that goes on for months and even years.

FCW | Dec 8, 2016

Are agencies ready for the Data Act?

Congress wants to make sure agencies are ready to go public with their financial data. For the first time ever, thanks to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, federal agencies will publish appropriations and spending information in standardized, machine-readable form.