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Associated Press | Mar 9, 2017

Congress probes Islamic State counter-propaganda operations

Congressional investigators are demanding documents and contacting witnesses in a wide-ranging probe of the Defense Department's troubled anti-propaganda efforts against the Islamic State.

Daily Caller | Mar 8, 2017

Watching Porn At Work Is About To Get A Lot Harder For Feds

Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (HOGR) approved a bill Wednesday prohibiting federal employees from accessing pornography on government computers and other devices.

FEDweek | Mar 7, 2017

Congress Focusing on Treatment of Whistleblowers

In its early weeks, Congress has signaled that treatment of whistleblowers will be a major area of focus in its oversight of federal agencies this year.

Washington Post | Mar 6, 2017

GOP, Democrats blast TSA for withholding information

A hard-hitting, bipartisan congressional oversight hearing is good government at work — especially if you like blood sports. It can be a brutal experience for an agency head in the hot seat when Republicans and Democrats are rightly and mutually disgusted with a bureaucracy’s performance and its leaders.

USA Today | Mar 1, 2017

Debt-plagued U.S. Postal Service eyes bipartisan bill to solve woes

The "Forever" stamp turns 10 years old in March. That's about how long the postal service has faced declining mail volumes and a growing mountain of debt. Mail volume is now at a 29-year low, and for the past 10 years, USPS recorded annual losses as high as $15.9 billion. Last year, it tallied a $5.6 billion loss. The beleaguered service, its regulatory agency and members of Congress hope 2017 will mark a turning point.