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The Overview Published: Dec 10, 2015

From the CIA to the Halls of Congress: Meet Texas Congressman Will Hurd

For starters, watch this short video.

Here’s where it all began.

Best way to launch my new Instagram account? With a #ThrowbackThursday! This is me and my older brother and sister.

A photo posted by Rep. Will Hurd (@hurdonthehill) on Jan 15, 2015 at 2:09pm PST


He’s a huge fan of the Spurs.



And Texas A&M.



He gives great speeches.



And takes selfies with the best of ‘em.




He’s also an avid hiker.



Who’s a fan of the Aggie thumbs up.



Like, a BIG fan of the thumbs up.




His current job is a little safer than his previous one.



So stop by his office. He’s happy to chat.


And there’s a really cool map.



Congressman Will Hurd. Former CIA Agent. Current Oversight IT Subcommittee Chairman.


Don’t forget to click the video.