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The Overview Published: Feb 26, 2016

Meet Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI)



Walberg 1 

Here are a few valuable life lessons to be learned from his Instagram account


If you want to survive in his home state of Michigan you need to start fishing young…

Walberg 2 

And be prepared for icy conditions.

 Walberg 3

Pro tip: If you want to impress powerful people, grow a mustache.

 Walberg 4

Or ride around on a Harley…

Walberg 5 

Take time to hear about important issues with young constituents.

 Walberg 6

Celebrate your birthday the only way birthdays should be celebrated; with donuts.

 Walberg 7

Most importantly: The key to a happy and successful life is 42 years of marriage.

 Walberg 8

Learn more about Rep. Walberg and his role on the Oversight Committee by clicking below:

 Walberg 9