Regulatory Reform Task Forces Check-In

Hearing Date: October 24, 2017 10:00 am 2154 Rayburn HOB

  • To examine various agencies’ implementation of the Administration’s Executive Orders on regulatory reform.
  • To highlight regulatory reform efforts conducted to-date.
  • Earlier this year, President Trump issued two executive orders to form the foundation of the Administration’s regulatory reform agenda.
  • The first “one-in-two-out” Executive Order, which requires agencies to repeal two outdated regulations before issuing a new regulation.
  • The second Executive Order requires each agency designate a Regulatory Reform Officer (RRO) and Regulatory Reform Task Force to identify unnecessary costly, burdensome, outdated, or unnecessary regulations for repeal or revision.
  • On September 6th, 2017, Chairmen Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) requested briefings from 24 federal agencies for information on their Regulatory Reform Task Forces. The Committees learned the agencies are accomplishing substantial progress in their regulatory cleanup efforts and are seeing unprecedented reduction in the federal regulatory footprint.

Witnesses and testimonies

Name Title Organization Panel Document
Mr. James Owens Acting General Counsel Department of Transportation I Document
Ms. Joo Chung Director of the Oversight and Compliance Directorate, Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer Department of Defense I Document
Mr. Giancarlo Brizzi Principal Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Government-wide Policy General Services Administration I Document
Mr. Clyde Wayne Crews Vice President for Policy Competitive Enterprise Institute II Document
Ms. Diane Katz Senior Research Fellow for Regulatory Policy The Heritage Foundation II Document
Mr. Jitinder Kohli Managing Director Deloitte Consulting II Document
Mr. James Goodwin Senior Policy Analyst Center for Progressive Reform II Document