May 30, 2019

Letter to U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos requesting additional information and data on the SOAR program

May 23, 2019

Letters regarding CMS Demonstration Project

May 22, 2019

Letter to Oversight Chairmen urging Chairman Cummings to develop Oversight Agenda from GAO’s duplication report

May 15, 2019

Letter to Chairman Cummings urging release of nonpublic memorandum of understanding with financial services chairwoman maxine waters

Apr 24, 2019

Jordan Asks Waters if She Will Receive Mazars Documents from Cummings as Part of Democrats’ Coordinated Investigations

Apr 23, 2019

Jordan Raises Additional Questions About Cummings’s Secret MOU with Chairwoman Maxine Waters

Apr 17, 2019

Letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings regarding Mazars USA LLC Subpoena

Apr 15, 2019

Election Letters

Apr 15, 2019

Letter and Memo to Chairman Cummings regarding his unprecedented decision to subpoena Mazars USA for the President’s financial information

Apr 12, 2019

Letter to Chairman Cummings regarding Carl Kline Deposition