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Associated Press | Jul 27, 2015

GOP House chairman calls on Obama to remove IRS commissioner

The Republican chairman of a powerful House committee called for the removal of the IRS commissioner Monday, saying he has obstructed congressional investigations into the treatment of conservative groups.

Associated Press | Jul 8, 2015

Lawmakers Seek Probe of Ex-Head of Chemical Safety Board

Two House members are seeking a Justice Department investigation of the former head of the federal board that investigates chemical accidents, saying they believe he made multiple false statements while testifying before an oversight committee.

Washington Post | Jul 5, 2015

The OPM cyberattack was a breach too far

President Obama ought to be far more steamed about the break-ins than he appears. The OPM director, Katherine Archuleta, knew as well as anyone how sensitive the data was, yet the door to her agency was apparently left ajar. Thieves walked out with an intelligence goldmine, the most intimate details about U.S. public servants, including those who handle the most highly classified secrets of the United States. This was an unforgivable failure of stewardship that should lead to firings for ...

The Hill | Jul 1, 2015

Calls grow for official to be fired over hack

Katherine Archuleta is at the center of the storm after what was likely the biggest hack of government networks in history. Pressure is building for Archuleta to resign as director of the Office of Personnel Management, with the calls coming from lawmakers on Capitol Hill and some security experts who say she is not up to the task of defending the nation’s networks.

Washington Post | Jun 30, 2015

18 House GOP members call for OPM director Archuleta’s removal

Congressional pressure for the firing of Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta is growing, with 18 Republican House members sending President Obama a letter requesting her ouster. The letter follows four hearings, including three last week, where Archuleta was grilled by House and Senate members over the cyber theft of personal information belonging to at least 4.2 million current and former federal employees

Fox News | Jun 27, 2015

VIDEO: Rep. Russell on Fox and Friends

Discusses IRS targeting scandal and missing Lois Lerner emails.

USA Today | Jun 27, 2015

OPM hack Q&A: What we know and what we don’t

Congress has held five hearings in the past two weeks to try to find out just what happened, but the full impact of the massive attack is still under investigation. Here's a look at what we know so far.

Fox News | Jun 26, 2015

Republicans weigh impeachment for IRS commissioner

House Republicans are considering launching impeachment proceedings against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen or other agency officials in connection with the destruction of emails potentially tied to the scandal over Tea Party targeting.

Reuters | Jun 26, 2015

Lawmakers urge removal of top execs at computer-hacked agency

Eighteen Republican lawmakers sent a letter to President Barack Obama on Friday requesting the removal of two Office of Personnel Management (OPM) executives after a data breach that compromised the personal information of millions of Americans.

WSJ -- IT Subcommittee Chairman Will Hurd Op-Ed | Jun 25, 2015

“Cleaning Up the Federal Cyber Debacle”

The refusal at the Office of Personnel Management to take responsibility and move swiftly to address significant deficiencies leads to only one conclusion. Accountability starts at the top. It’s time for a change in leadership at the OPM.