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WSJ -- IT Subcommittee Chairman Will Hurd Op-Ed | Jun 25, 2015

“Cleaning Up the Federal Cyber Debacle”

The refusal at the Office of Personnel Management to take responsibility and move swiftly to address significant deficiencies leads to only one conclusion. Accountability starts at the top. It’s time for a change in leadership at the OPM.

Politico | Jun 25, 2015

OPM’s Archuleta faces House Oversight again — DHS under spotlight, too

Today is the second and likely worst of the three day gauntlet of hearings Capitol Hill has served up for OPM Director Katherine Archuleta.

Associated Press | Jun 24, 2015

U.S. government investigating breach that led to theft of as many as 18 million Social Security numbers

The federal government has for years failed to take basic steps to protect its data from hackers and thieves, putting at risk everything from nuclear secrets to the private tax information of hundreds of millions of Americans, records show.

CNet | Jun 24, 2015

Fed personnel chief mum on number of employees hit by data breaches

Millions of people were affected by recently revealed hacks of US government databases, but how many millions remains a mystery.

The Wall Street Journal | Jun 24, 2015

Obama’s Cyber Meltdown

If you thought Edward Snowden damaged U.S. security, evidence is building that the hack of federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) files may be even worse.

Fox News | Jun 24, 2015

VIDEO: Chairman Chaffetz on Neil Cavuto

Congress rips office of personnel mgmt, contractors over cyber attack.

NPR | Jun 24, 2015

OPM Chief Again Grilled on Data Hack

The director of the Office of Personnel Management underwent another grilling today, this time from members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Washington Times | Jun 23, 2015

White House brushes off revelations about Jonathan Gruber’s role in crafting Obamacare

The professor, called before the House oversight panel to explain himself in December, apologized for the remarks yet downplayed his role, saying he “was not the architect of President Obama’s health care plan.”

National Journal | Jun 22, 2015

Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta will run the gauntlet this week

Archuleta will appear before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing on Tuesday to discuss IT spending and data security before enduring a second encounter Wednesday with the House Oversight Committee, where multiple lawmakers, including Chairman Jason Chaffetz, already have called for her resignation.

The Hill | Jun 17, 2015

Oversight chair wants officials fired over hack

House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) called on President Obama to fire at least two top officials from the embattled Office of Personnel Management (OPM) over their role in the massive data breach that has rattled the government.