Jan 28, 2009

Stimulus Bill Sells Out Taxpayers

The so-called American Recovery and Reinvestment Act amounts to nothing more than an $825 billion earmark designed to expand government on the backs of the American taxpayers using money we do not have. There is little guarantee of any short-term gain, but there is no question of the irreparable harm we can expect by saddling our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of additional debt. According to a report recently released by the Congressional Budget Office, only 7 percent of ...

  • Wasteful Spending
Jan 26, 2009

GAO At-Risk List Underscores Importance of Oversight in 2009

In his first weekly radio address, President Barack Obama promised “unprecedented effort to root out waste, inefficiency and unnecessary spending in our government.” The fact that Obama has chosen his very first weekly radio address to underscore the need to address waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in our government is an encouraging first step in what I hope will be an ongoing commitment and partnership to bring accountability and oversight back to government. Obama has recognized ...