Chairman Chaffetz Issues Subpoenas to Two Secret Service Agents

Published: Mar 31, 2015

WASHINGTON— Today, Chairman Jason Chaffetz issued the following statement regarding the Committee’s ongoing investigation into the United States Secret Service (USSS).

“The top priority of the Committee’s investigation into multiple security lapses within the Secret Service is to ensure the President, his family, and other individuals protected by the Secret Service are safe. As part of our investigation, we have requested interviews with Secret Service agents who can shed light not only on the March 4 incident involving a potential bomb just outside the White House when the President was in residence, but also on why the Secret Service appears to be systemically broken and in desperate need of both leadership and reform.

During last week’s hearing, Director Clancy told Ranking Member Cummings and me that he would make the requested agents available for interviews. That is no longer the case. In negotiations with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department requested that information remain secret and be kept from Congress and the American people. Those restrictions are unacceptable. Under such restrictions, the Committee cannot perform its essential duties to evaluate and propose much-needed legislative reforms for this troubled agency.

The Committee understands the sensitive nature of the Secret Service’s work and has made every attempt to perform its oversight duties in light of those concerns. It is disappointing the Department has declined to cooperate. We therefore must take the regrettable step of compelling the agents for interviews before the Committee.”