Hearing Wrap Up – PPACA Update

Published: Feb 26, 2015


“From Healthcare Enrollment to Tax Filing: A PPACA Update”

Witness: Kevin Counihan, CEO, Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight


  • The Administration announced that approximately 11.4 million people picked plans through HealthCare.gov during the second enrollment period (Nov. 15, 2014 – Feb. 15, 2015), but provided no specifics with respect to how many of those were automatic re-enrollments, including how many automatic re-enrollments resulted in individuals being placed in new plans.
  • Additionally, the Administration also announced that approximately 800,000 people received forms from HealthCare.gov with inaccurate information related to their health care premiums, which could cause some of them to claim the incorrect subsidy.

Hearing Purpose:

  • To examine the ongoing implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in light of the recent announcement that the second open enrollment period will be extended for some individuals who may face a penalty because of the law.
  • Receive an update on HealthCare.gov enrollment numbers, and potential issues individuals may face as the deadline for tax season approaches.


  • The Administration continues to withhold information from the Committee. Both Committee Republican and Democrat Members expressed need for requested documentation be provided to Congress.
  • The Administration still has not provided clarity on whether or not illegal non-citizens will be eligible for advance premium tax credits or subsidies to purchase health insurance.
  • The enrollment numbers from the second enrollment period have not been verified.
  • Funding was transferred from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institute of Health (NIH) to Health and Human Services for marketplace operations.

Key Videos:

Mulvaney: Are you aware Mr.Counihan that if you were a CEO of a publically traded corporation… many of the answesr that you’re giving today could get you thrown in jail?

Jordan: “Can you guarantee that the folks who have enrolled through the marketplace… none of them are illegals affected by the President’s executive action?”

Meadows: “I’ve been reaching out for over 70 days… it’s real simple, we haven’t gotten the information(reenrollment numbers) you have… are you lying to me or intentionally misleading insurers?”