Issa Releases Findings of Investigation into Sulaimon Brown’s Allegations Against Administration of D.C. Mayor

Published: Oct 31, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today released the findings of the committee’s seven month investigation into accusations of improper payments and promises of employment made to former D.C. mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown by the Administration of D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

“The committee’s investigation found evidence corroborating claims by Sulaimon Brown that his campaign for mayor received financial backing linked to a senior campaign operative for Mayor Gray,” said Chairman Issa. “The investigation did not, however, find independent facts verifying claims that Brown had been promised a D.C. government job in return for campaign efforts or any independent evidence that Mayor Gray knew or approved of payments going to Brown’s campaign.”

“The results of our investigation further substantiate the important work and findings made by Chairwoman Mary Cheh and the special committee of the D.C. Council who also investigated these allegations. We also note Mayor Gray’s cooperation with investigators.”

While the work of the U.S. Attorney’s office investigating this matter continues, the committee has no current plans for additional investigative steps or to hold congressional hearings related to these allegations.

Click here to read the Oversight Committee Report to Chairman Issa: “Investigative Report on Allegations of Improper Payments and Promises of Employment for Sulaimon Brown”


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