Issa Statement on Cuba Policy Subcommittee Hearing

Published: Apr 29, 2009

WASHINGTON. D.C. – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) delivered the following remarks today at the National Security and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee hearing, National Security Implications of U.S. Policy toward Cuba:

“I believe that the United States owes no apology for standing against the Cuban government and its actions.  There is no benefit to liberalizing our relationship as long as the Castros are in power.

“If the Obama Administration chooses to engage Cuba, it must not turn a blind eye toward its bad behavior.  Holding political prisoners, forbidding free elections, government control of all major economic production, and maintaining a closed society goes against everything we, as a nation, stand for.  It would be immoral to grant them the privilege of closer connections with the United States.

“This is why I question the President’s decision to lift travel and telecommunications restrictions on Cuba without precondition.  At some point, I would like to hear from the Obama Administration because the end-game is not clear to me.  The White House provided little information to the American people regarding this policy shift, and this Committee would benefit from a fuller explanation of the Administration’s intentions.”

Link to Rep. Issa’s opening statement.

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