Oversight Committee Investigating Allegations Surrounding D.C. Mayor’s Office

Published: Mar 17, 2011

WASHINGTON D.C. – Chairman Darrell Issa today released the following statement about the Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s probe into allegations surrounding the office of D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray:

“As the Chairman of the Committee with direct responsibility for overseeing the District of Columbia, I was deeply concerned by allegations made by a former mayoral candidate and political appointee of D.C. mayor Vincent Gray.  Even after the Home Rule Act, the federal government still has significant responsibilities and federal taxpayer dollars fund a large portion of the District’s budget.

“I asked my investigative staff to gather some basic information to determine if the District of Columbia would be able to swiftly and fairly evaluate the merit of these charges and take necessary action if appropriate.  Committee investigators have spoken with individuals inside and outside the District government and have made unsuccessful attempts to interview key figures close to the mayor including his former Chief of Staff. The initial findings of these efforts do not give me confidence that the District government can make this evaluation.  As such, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee has begun a full investigation to determine the facts and will report its findings.”