Oversight Republicans Launch New Website to Highlight Oversight Efforts

Published: Oct 8, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) today announced the launch of a new committee minority website: https://republicans-oversight.house.gov.

The enhanced website is designed to create a user-friendly information hub about the committee’s work and the minority’s aggressive oversight of federal programs.   The website includes new media communications tools to provide information and frequent updates from Republican Members and tools to help citizens participate in the oversight of their government.

“As government spending and influence continue to grow, the American people have a right to know where their hard-earned money goes.  Our expanded online presence highlights important investigations and efforts to achieve real accountability and transparency in government,” Issa said.  “Our watchdog website is a straight-forward platform from which we will call outWashington’s fiscal irresponsibility, engage Americans in the daily fight for effective governance, and transport users into the trenches of federal oversight.”

The core of the Oversight Minority website is based on quality and organization of information that allows visitors to follow the oversight activities and investigations of the committee minority.  Some of the site’s highlights include:

  • An interactive front page calendar, giving users direct access to the hearing documents and video they want in three clicks or less.
  • Custom-built home pages for each Oversight Republican, highlighting recent individual contributions.
  • A rotating front page video module, allowing users to simultaneously watch live hearings and explore hearing documents.
  • An Oversight Minority Twitter Feed, displaying minority committee member’s tweets in real time.

The Oversight Minority page is a tool providing minority committee members and staff with an ability to present information on complex and fast-moving investigations in a variety of formats – traditional postings, video postings, and other new media interfaces.  Government oversight can use the assistance of all Americans and the new Oversight Minority website provides citizens with new tools and resources to hold Washington accountable.