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Press Release Published: Jun 28, 2011

VIDEO RELEASE: “Voices of Recovery: Neil’s Story”

South Carolina Casualties of Obama Administration’s Regulatory Overreach

WASHINGTON D.C. – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today released “Voices of Recovery: Neil’s Story,” a new video telling the story of Charleston, S.C. small business Dunhill Staffing, whose future is in doubt because of the Obama Administration’s unprecedented application of labor regulations to stop Boeing from hiring up to 3500 workers for a new plant in South Carolina. Before the NLRB suit, Dunhill Staffing Systems grew to support seven South Carolina workers and their families since opening in 2001, placing hundreds of employees into new jobs despite 10% unemployment in the state.

Whitman_-_Voices_of_RecoveryCLICK HERE to watch “Voices of Recovery: Neil’s Story”

“The regulatory climate and the uncertainty about what’s going on in Washington right now has put a serious dampening effect on the American spirit,” Whitman said in the video. “We don’t know what else is going to come down the pike at us from Washington. This NLRB suit is an example. I see this as an assault on the free enterprise system.”

On June 17, the Oversight Committee held a field hearing in North Charleston to gather the facts about the economic impact NLRB’s actions against Boeing could have on South Carolina businesses and families. In his testimony, Whitman put a face on the far-reaching consequences of the Obama Administration’s regulatory intervention on behalf of its union supporters.

“In 2000, my wife and I relocated to the Charleston community with the idea of starting our own business. I like so many Americans dreamed of owning my own business,” Whitman said in his prepared opening statement. “If Boeing is forced to shutdown their Charleston operations it would mean the loss of thousands of direct and indirect jobs in an economy that is barely recovering from the recession. I don’t know if the small business I created over ten years ago and hope to pass on to my daughter would survive.”

Click here to read a copy of his opening statement. is a House Republican initiative to expose the true costs of government regulation. The Obama Administration’s unprecedented application of labor regulations was brought to House Republicans’ attention through is part of an ongoing conversation between Congress and the people we serve about the regulatory reform needed to support private-sector job growth.


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