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Report Published: Oct 29, 2012

Fast and Furious: The Anatomy of a Failed Operation Part 2 of 3

Chairman Darrell Issa: “The report discloses widespread management failures within the hierarchy of the Justice Department.  The Justice Department has yet to evaluate these management issues and implement structural changes to prevent another disaster like Operation Fast and Furious from occurring. Furthermore, the Justice Department has taken limited action against these negligent managers.”
Senator Chuck Grassley: “Officials in the Justice Department saw any number of warnings and some even had the gunwalking information right in front of them, yet nothing was done to stop it.  Countless people may be murdered with these weapons, yet the Attorney General appears to be letting his employees slide by with little to no accountability.  The Attorney General needs to make changes to ensure that department leadership provides oversight of the agencies they are tasked with supervising,  instead of pointing fingers at somebody else.”

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