Leadership Failure at Chemical Safety Board Jeopardizes Agency Mission, Puts Safety at Risk

Published: Jun 19, 2014

Key Findings:

·         Chairman Moure-Eraso and Horowitz created a toxic work environment that resulted in the departure of at least nine experienced employees from the CSB.  Because experienced employees left CSB, investigations dragged on for years.

·         Chairman Moure-Eraso and Horowitz have mismanaged investigations to the detriment of public safety in certain industries.  This gross mismanagement resulted in the waste of taxpayer dollars.

·         The broken relationship between Chairman Moure-Eraso and the other Board Members has delayed the release of important investigative reports.

·         Current and former CSB employees agree that Chairman Moure-Eraso retaliated against whistleblowers.  As a result, all employees fear retaliation at the hands of the Chairman.

·         Chairman Moure-Eraso’s disregard for the proper Board governance processes caused CSB employees and fellow Board Members consternation, leading to an unproductive work environment.

·         The CSB has failed to cooperate with the EPA Inspector General’s investigation related to allegations that the identities of several anonymous whistleblowers at the CSB who filed complaints with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) were revealed by an OSC employee.

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