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Report Published: Jul 12, 2014

Making Sure Targeting Never Happens: Getting Politics Out of the IRS and Other Solutions

The report includes 15 proposals to address politicization of the IRS, including:

·         Replacing the IRS Commissioner with a multi-member, bipartisan commission

·         Removing the IRS as a regulator of political speech for social-welfare groups

·         Allowing taxpayers, and not the IRS, to control access to their confidential taxpayer information

·         Creating a private right of action for victims of willful and injurious leaks by IRS officials of confidential taxpayer information

·         Establishing transparent and objective criteria for scrutiny of applicants

·         Establishing clear and transparent rules for information-collecting purposes

·         Prohibiting political and policy communications between the IRS and Executive Office of the President

·         Removing the IRS from implementation of the Affordable Care Act

You can read the report released today here.