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May 29, 2014

Joint Staff Report: Pseudo-Classification of Executive Branch Documents: Problems with the Transportation Security Administration’s Use of the Sensitive Security Information Designation

Specifically, the investigative report found: ·         Problems with TSA’s application of the SSI designation date back to 2004, including inconsistent application of the designation. ·         TSA improperly designated certain information as SSI in order to avoid its public release. ·         TSA has repeatedly released information to the public against the advice of the SSI Office and without having produced suitable ...

Apr 7, 2014

Debunking the Myth that the IRS Targeted Progressives

How the IRS and Congressional Democrats Misled America about  Disparate Treatment  Among the key findings of the report: IRS’s three “test” cases were all conservative organizations: Prescott Tea Party, American Junto, the Albuquerque Tea Party. (pp. 14-18) Congressional Democrats made misleading claims about the targeting. Democratic Members of Congress, including Ranking Member Elijah ...

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Mar 11, 2014

Lois Lerner’s Involvement in the IRS Targeting of Tax-Exempt Organizations

Key Document Based Highlights (documents and testimony in appendix): Tea Party “itching for a Constitutional challenge:” Lerner and her colleagues, after being under public pressure from President Obama and other Democrats, engaged in an e-mail exchange about how they could showcase their scrutiny of a Tea Party applicant for public disclosure, despite rules protecting the secrecy of unapproved applications.  The conversation turned to the possibility of a court case ...

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Feb 26, 2014

Staff Report: Limitless Surveillance at the FDA: Protecting the Rights of Federal Whistleblowers

Key Findings: Insufficient authorization and guidelines. The monitoring was implemented with insufficient written authorization, no policy in place and no legal guidance given to the contractors conducting the monitoring. As a result, FDA captured communications that are protected by law, including communications with Congress, the media, and watchdog groups like Project on Government Oversight. Unlawful capturing of ...

Feb 11, 2014

Staff Report: Slipping Through the Cracks: How the D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Exposes Flaws in the Federal Security Clearance Process

Key Findings: -          Non-cooperation of 450 police departments with federal background investigators – Federal law requires local law enforcement agencies to provide criminal history information to federal security clearance investigators.  But Federal law is vague on exactly what must be shared and many local law enforcement agencies frequently shun federal security clearance investigators, by providing only limited, if any, information.  New York ...

Feb 5, 2014

Joint Staff Report: Administration Conducted Inadequate Review of Key Issues Prior to Expanding Health Law’s Taxes and Subsidies

- IRS and Treasury officials expressed concern that there was no authority to interpret federal exchanges as an “Exchange established by the State,” as was necessary to expand the subsidies.

Feb 5, 2014

Staff Report: Examining the Administration’s $2 billion ObamaCare Loan Guarantee Gamble: Two Case Studies of Political Influence Peddling and Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted

The three largest CO-OPs did not meet eligibility requirements. Three CO-OPs sponsored by Freelancers Union, which were established in New York, New Jersey and Oregon, did not meet eligibility requirements because Freelancers Union owns a for-profit insurance provider. The for-profit subsidiary has provided insurance to members since 2009 (p. 9-12).

Dec 16, 2013

Risks of Fraud and Misinformation with ObamaCare Outreach Campaign: How Navigator and Assister Program Mismanagement Endangers Consumers – ObamaCare Navigator and Assister Staff Report No. 2

Navigators Were Unprepared for Website Crash and Lacked a Contingency Plan: In a Committee briefing, Gary Cohen, a top HHS official admitted that Navigators lacked direction in the early days because “it took a while to know what was happening.” Also during the briefing, another HHS official, Mandy Cohen, stated that “it seems like in hindsight,” there should have been contingency plans for the website’s failure. “War Room” meeting notes, obtained by the Committee, ...

Sep 18, 2013

Risks of Fraud and Misinformation with ObamaCare Outreach Campaign: How Navigator and Assister Program Mismanagement Endangers Consumers

The report also highlights the significant risk for fraud and abuse in Obamacare's Navigator and Assister programs, which are intended to facilitate enrollment in health insurance exchanges. It also finds that top HHS officials expressed concerns about the risk of scam artists and identity thieves, but did not place eligibility requirements on Navigators and Assisters that would prevent them.

Sep 17, 2013

Interim update on IRS Investigation of tax exempt applicants

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