WATCH: Ranking Member Jim Jordan Details the ‘Nine Lies of Obamacare’

Published: Jul 10, 2019

House Oversight and Reform Committee ranking member Jim Jordan (R-OH) detailed Wednesday the “nine lies of Obamacare.”

The House Oversight and Reform Committee Democrats held a hearing Wednesday on the “Trump Administration’s attack on the ACA,” saying a court case eliminating Obamacare could threaten “health care for millions of Americans.”

Congressman Jordan delivered his opening statement during the hearing, lambasting the committee Democrats for attacking the Trump administration rather than working with Republicans on bipartisan solutions to lower healthcare costs.

Jordan said, “Rather than work towards bipartisan solutions, this committee is once again looking to score political points by attacking anything the Trump administration does to improve the health care of American people.”

The House Freedom Caucus co-founder said that Republicans and Democrats could instead focus on lowering the cost of prescription drugs and cutting red tape.

“Instead, we’re going to talk about why the Democrats are upset at the administration think[ing] that they deserve something better than the failed ideas of Obamacare,” Rep. Jordan said.

“Under Obamacare, Americans saw their premiums skyrocket and their healthcare choices reduced,” he charged.

Congressman Jordan then detailed what he calls the “nine lies of Obamacare.”

The Ohio congressman detailed the nine lies of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which in his own words, include:

  1. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” Jordan said. “Y’all remember that one?”
  2. Jordan asked rhetorically, “Remember the one if you like your plan you can keep your plan?”
  3. “We were told by the president of the United States, [Barack Obama] premiums were going to go down,” Jordan said.
  4. “He [Obama] then got more specific; premiums will go down on average $1,500,” Jordan added.
  5. “He said deductibles would decline,” he said.
  6. “This was in the fall of 2013, remember this one? They told us the [ACA exchange] website was going to work,” he said.
  7. “They told us the website was secure,” Jordan said. “Your information is secure there.”
  8. “They told us these [ACA] co-ops were wonderful, end-all, be-all creations,” Jordan said. “Twenty-three were created, guess how many are still in existence, four. The other nineteen went bankrupt.”
  9. Jordan concluded, “Oh the ninth lie: they told us first they told us [the Obamacare individual mandate fine] it’s not a tax, then they told us it is a tax, then they’re saying oh it’s not really a tax at all.”

Congressman Jordan asked rhetorically, “How can you undermine something that’s already failed?”

He added that Democrats will not acknowledge it, but the “Trump administration has worked to increase competition, transparency, and quality of care in our [health care] markets.”

Congressman Jordan said that this hearing amounts to nothing more than “just another attack on President Trump.”

From: Breitbart News